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Orthopedics in Scottsdale, AZ

The Scottsdale Stem Cell Treatment Center offers orthopedic treatment to the residents of Scottsdale, Phoenix, and the surrounding Arizona communities.

Stem cells are primary cells that have the ability to transform themselves into a variety of other types of cells in the human body. These are known as undifferentiated, or simple, cells.

Stem cells are used to produce new cells within normal tissues and can facilitate repair or regeneration when those tissues are damaged. The cells provide the raw template for each type of cell that makes up the body’s organs.

When the cells divide, the result is cells known as progenitors. Progenitor cells, unlike stem cells, are able to change into highly specialized cells that serve specific functions, such as blood cells, brain cells, and even bone or cartilage cells, which are of particular interest to orthopedic surgeons.

Orthopedic surgeons have narrowed their focus onto mesenchymal stem cells. Unlike stem cells derived from embryonic sources, these stem cells are extracted from the patient’s own live body tissues.

One type of mesenchymal stem cell, known as bone marrow stromal cells, can change into the cells that make up the human musculoskeletal system when given the correct environment and stimuli. The process is called differentiation. Bone marrow stromal stem cells can help create new tendons, ligaments, trabecular bone, components of bone marrow, and articular cartilage.

Currently, the use of stem cells in orthopedic medicine is in its infancy and is therefore still subject to much research. The majority of stem cell procedures done in research centers are often performed as part of a clinical study or trial.

Procedures using stem cells are already being employed for treating fractured or improperly healed bones, stimulating the production of healthy articular cartilage in patients with arthritis, aiding the proper recovery of connective tissues, and replacing defective or damaged spinal disks.

However, as medical science gains a better understanding of tissue engineering, researchers expect that stem cell treatments will increase in popularity.

The Scottsdale Stem Cell Treatment Center offers treatment for the following orthopedics diseases and problems for residents of Scottsdale, Phoenix, and the surrounding Arizona communities:

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of the disease listed above, please contact us at Scottsdale Stem Cell to find out whether STV or another form of stem cell treatment is right for you and your unique condition.

Written by Scottsdale Stem Cell Center