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Our Practice

The Scottsdale Stem Cell Treatment Center provides cutting-edge regenerative medicine for patients suffering from degenerative disorders that may respond to adult stem cell-based regenerative treatment.

Regenerative Medicine

The Center uses a fat transfer surgical technology to isolate the patient’s own stem cells from a small quantity of fat harvested by liposuction. That same day, these cells are deployed back into the patient via injection or intravenous infusion. The source of the cells is actually stromal vascular fraction (SVF), a protein-rich segment of processed adipose, or fat, tissue that contains autologous mesenchymal stem cells, along with macrophage, endothelial, and red blood cells plus growth factors that “turn on” the stem cells and promote their activity.

Stem Cell Research

Advancing the growing body of stem cell research and the field of regenerative medicine is part of the Scottsdale Stem Cell Treatment Center’s mission, and we’ve teamed up with a network of physicians to study and share outcomes on the investigational use of autologous adult stem cells for degenerative conditions. This organization employs a clinical research coordinator to organize and process our data with the ultimate goal of perfecting protocols and ultimately teaching them to other physicians around the world.

Written by Scottsdale Stem Cell Center