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Stem Cell Therapy in Scottsdale, AZ

Regenerative medicine is a developing area of science that aims to restore proper function of tissues and organs damaged by disease or injury and promote the body’s reparative process. As concerns mount due to the shortage of donor organs and the increasing elderly population, the search for new and effective treatment has become more urgent. An estimated 90,000 people are on the organ transplant waiting list in the United States, and many serious medical needs are going unmet. Regenerative medicine offers new opportunities to expand and improve treatment options.

Both current and emerging regenerative medicine utilizes stem cells to produce live, healthy tissues that help repair cells damaged by disease, age, or genetic abnormalities. Stem cells are able to target areas of damage and promote the regeneration of tissue cells by triggering the body’s natural repair processes and restoring tissue function. Regenerative medicine carries the possibility of curing many health issues that would otherwise be permanent or terminal.

Stem cell therapies offer hope for helping medical science better understand and treat a wide array of diseases, disorders, injuries, and other health problems. The power of stem cell therapy is evidenced by the fact that stem cells derived from blood can help treat blood diseases, a treatment method that has been used to save thousands of children suffering from leukemia. It is also seen in related treatments for tissue grafts and injuries or diseases of the eyes, bones, and skin. Important studies regarding stem cells are in progress for numerous other health issues, and researchers are continuing to investigate new medical uses for these types of therapies.


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